1. We accept never worn or gently worn women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories purchased in the past couple of years. We will also accept unique vintage clothing in excellent condition.

2. Items for consignment must be freshly laundered, either washed and ironed or dry cleaned, and on hangers. Any items found to have a defect will be returned to you or donated. You may bring up to 20 items maximum at a time. This is only fair to all consignors and keeps our selection and sizes varied.

3. Consignments will be accepted on Tuesday's and Wednesday's by appointment only. To make an appointment you can call Dress to the 9's. Clothing is consigned for 60 days. 

4. The Consignor will receive 40% of the sale price or 50% store credit. A $1 buyer’s fee, paid by the purchaser, will be added to the price tag of each item. That fee does not affect the percentage you receive.

5. Dress To The 9’s has sole discretion to determine pricing on all items for maximum profitability. Any items that are price sensitive should be discussed at intake. Merchandise will be priced based on current market trends. Dress To The 9’s may reduce prices for sales and promotions.

6. You are welcome to pick up payment anytime for items sold. You will be able to monitor your items that are sold through Consignor Access online. Please call before picking up your check. Checks will be written for $20 or greater. If amount sold is less than $20 it will roll over to the following month. Please provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you want your check mailed.

7. Items will be removed from the floor after 60 days. It is the consignor’s responsibility to return to the store on or before your expiration date and pull the items from the selling floor if you want them returned. Otherwise expired items will be donated to the Red Cross, Green Drop, or Association for the Blind.

8. We do our best to safeguard your items, but are not responsible for items that rarely, but unfortunately, become lost, stolen, or damaged. Your items should be insured under your homeowners policy.

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